Israel To Cut 85% Of Emissions By Mid-Century


The governments of several nations around the world are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, many have made massive commitments to reduce their carbon footprints. At present, the global average of greenhouse gas emissions is around 5.5% per year. However, Israel is among the nations with the largest per capita emissions.

The growth in emissions has a lot to do with the consumption of energy. Israel uses a large amount of electricity produced from non-renewable resources, like petroleum and natural gas. And since most of its electricity is produced using coal, the proportion of non-renewable to renewable energy sources is relatively high. Therefore, when it comes to cutting down their emissions, Israel’s authorities and private entities are taking concrete steps.

One way that they are doing this is by focusing on energy efficiency. In fact, the government has set up a new energy regulator which requires all commercial and residential customers to choose energy efficient appliances. They have also increased the rate at which commercial buildings are constructed to improve energy efficiency.

Another way in which Israel is concerned about its environment is its efforts to develop a nuclear power station. Israel already has nuclear power stations operating but it is also interested in developing a domestic source of energy. It is looking at developing geothermal energy as well. The country’s geothermal resource – the Dead Sea – is rich in salt, making it a perfect place to mine for more natural gas.

Israel has also joined international efforts to develop clean coal technology. It plans to build about ten coal power stations by the end of the next decade. It is also working on a number of other clean coal technologies, including solar and wind energy. All these initiatives, taken together, will help the country significantly reduce its energy consumption, which will in turn reduce its dependence on foreign energy.

The world needs more countries with progressive leadership to take the lead on global warming and environmental protection. There is no doubt that Israel is taking the right steps. It is making the right decisions. By acting swiftly, it can show the rest of the world that it is serious about stopping the spread of climate change. And it can become a shining star in the green world.

There’s no doubt that the world will have to pay more attention to preserving our environment. As the number of fast-warming greenhouse gas emissions around the world continues to rise, some countries will have to adopt tough measures to curb pollution. Israel may be the first to do it. By choosing to be a world leader in clean energy, it would not only protect its own citizens but also the environment. The country could emerge as a leader for the same reasons – for the economy, energy security and peace.

Israel is an important player on the world stage. Not only does it have a thriving economy. It also has a unique strategic location, being surrounded by seas and land with all three major poles within its borders. This makes it a hub for natural gas and oil. With its vast natural gas resources, Israel supplies most of the gas that comes from the region. And it is one of the largest importers of oil in the world.


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