Why Do Some People Get Blackout Drunk?

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It is a sad reality that the question “why do some people get blackout drunk” still evades most people. The reason is probably because there are not enough research materials available on this subject! You might be surprised to learn that only about ten percent of people have reported having blackout drunk experiences in their lives. However, if you ask how many of them got blackout drunk, the answer would probably be close to zero. And what is worse is that most of those who do experience such incidents never even end up telling their stories to anyone else. They just keep it to themselves and feel ashamed or embarrassed about it.

The reason for this is due to the shame and embarrassment that people tend to have when they first experience this kind of phenomenon. As much as most people would like to believe that there is absolutely nothing that can happen that will cause someone to become completely dependent on alcohol, there is still the fear within us. People think that once they get drunk, they can no longer control themselves and be responsible enough to be sober. If you are one of those people who experiences occasional blackout drunk episodes, then this article will surely shed some light on why do some people get blackout drunk.

Some people get this through sheer genetic luck, but there is also the biological reason behind it. Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins and other harmful chemicals, which greatly affect our health. This may be the reason why we have such a hard time controlling our urge to drink. The body becomes accustomed to the toxicity and as such, we tend to crave alcohol.

Other reasons why some people get blackout drunk include anxiety, withdrawal symptoms from certain medicines, and the actual consumption of alcohol in excess. Alcohol in excess is highly toxic and its consumption can cause several serious side effects to your body. When it is abused, the user can experience hallucinations, rashes, and even worse, death. Even if we do not die, we may experience pain due to excessive alcohol consumption. So, in short, we are basically asking, “Why do some people get blackout drunk?”

The answer to this question lies in the brain. The reason why some people can experience the cravings and urges to drink in moderation while other people are more apt to experience a complete blackout comes from the differences in the way our brains work. Our bodies are basically built the same way, but our brains were given different instructions. For some people, the reward system in their brains was altered due to traumatic experiences while others were simply lacking in the proper nutrients to function normally. Today, there is a variety of treatments and medications that can help you get rid of this problem, but it has always been difficult to treat addictions with medication alone. Most often, patients need both therapy and medication for successful treatment.

For those who cannot find a solution within their current circle of friends, why do some people get blackout drunk? Sometimes it is because they have experienced abuse in their past. Many times, it could also be a genetic predisposition to alcoholism. If either of these scenarios fit your lifestyle, then you should look into getting treated professionally. You could potentially end up with life-altering disease.

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